18 Inspiring Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Find the Best Travel Bullet Journal Layouts

Are you going to travel soon? Then, these travel bullet journal ideas will be your best mates! Travel bullet journal spreads will make you feel organized, help you in planning and can make the entire process fun and exciting!

In this post, you’ll find many travel-inspired bullet journal spread ideas like spreads for your Travel bucket lists, Travel countdown pages, packing lists, travel to-do lists, etc.

What to put in a travel journal?

A Travel Bullet Journal can be used as a notebook where you store all your precious travel memories! Right from planning a trip, to organizing your stuff, deciding your go-to places, your itinerary, packing list, budget, transportation, etc. Everything can fit in your travel bullet journal and trust me you will enjoy capturing those memories in your BuJo!

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Bullet Journal Supplies for Beginners

To create perfect bullet journal spreads, you’ll need some bullet journal supplies. Here’s are some bullet journal tools and supplies which I have found to be extremely helpful. Remember, a good tool improves the way you work! The tools I mention will improvise your craft, and help to have fun while bullet journaling. Moreover, they are easy on your pocket! So, these are perfect tools for your bullet journal:

  1. To begin with, you’ll need a bullet journal notebook- I use this ✅Dotted Grid JournalIf you’re looking for a dotted journal, then this is the perfect pick! Also, you can get it at a very inexpensive price on Amazon! Here are another favorite journal ✅Essentials Dot Matrix Journal, this journal is the best and most popular in the bullet journal community. If you use a lot of color markers and are into designing and doodling, this bullet journal notebook can be your best pick! If you’re looking for an eco-friendly bullet journal notebook, then go for this ✅Lemome Bullet Journal Notebook. I have written a post on the best 4 best & inexpensive bullet journal notebooks, click here to check it out!
  2. Pens can be your best friend in the bullet journaling journey! So, choose them wisely! After trying a dozen of pens, I have found two black pens which are the best in the market- ✅Pigma Micron Black Pen for titles, they are expensive but you get a pack of 6 (for not more than $10), totally worth the price & ✅Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens (2-Pack), everybody seems to rave about this set of brush pens and so I got them and I’m telling I couldn’t be happier! Moreover, these pens cost less than $10 which is super affordable!
  3. What’s a journal without some decoration? I get these ✅Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens for decorating. I also love these pastel colorful markers.
  4. These ✅20 pieces stencil pack which offers many creative options! Also, they can be easily cleaned, reused, and of the perfect size for your BuJo!
  5. I use this ✅metallic gold pen for some special decoration of cover pages. This pack comes with a silver and golden pen- totally worth it!
  6. Washi tape sets – they have varied options like glittergold foilautumn flower decorations. These are super cute and turns the whole bullet journal journey into a fun and creative process!

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18 Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Travel Planning List

travel bullet journal ideas


Do you have a travel bucket list? I think almost every person has one! Then, create one in your bullet journal! It’s like a mini vision board of the places I would like to travel to in the future!

You can use my favorite Tombow Dual Brush Pen Markers to color your bullet journal spreads!

Colorful Travel Bucket List

travel bullet journal ideas


I absolutely adore these colorful places to travel bullet journal spread the idea! You can stick pictures of the places you like to travel to or go ahead and draw them like in this bullet journal spread! I totally love the idea of drawing and coloring as it’s so visually appealing!

Your Travel Vision Board in Bullet Journal

travel bullet journal ideas


Here’s another version of a mini travel vision board that can be easily created in your bullet journal! Having a vision board helps you stay motivated towards your goal and helps you to measure how you are doing in your life!

Travel Packing List for your BuJo

travel bullet journal ideas


A packing list can save you tons of time! Trust me, it has helped me reduce the stress of packing. A checklist like this one can help you to pack efficiently and not forget important stuff for your travel.

Create your Packing List


A really simple one-page packing list that remind you of items that can be useful or fun to bring on your vacation.

To-do List for Traveling


World Map Spread

travel bullet journal ideas


Another cool travel bullet journal spread! It’s my dream to travel to every country in the world and then color the countries I have visited in my map which I made in my bullet journal!


Travel Planning Bullet Journal Spread

travel bullet journal ideas


If you want to go with a simple, minimalist travel planning bullet journal spread, then this one can be your best inspiration! I adore the compass she has made, the entire spread gives amazing travel vibes!

Colorful Travel Planning Map


Such a cool travel bullet journal spread! It has a map like a treasure hunt map, then there’s a list of places I’ve been to and a list of places I want to go! I think a spread like this keeps you excited about the new places you want to visit and also makes you satisfied with your travel accomplishments.

Travel Countdown

travel bullet journal ideas


Are you excited to travel? Who isn’t? I love traveling and exploring! So, if you’re excited, then go ahead and take inspiration from this bullet journal spread, that’s a really creative travel countdown! I really love the concept of creating one to hype up oneself before travel!

Travel BuJo Cover Page Ideas


Traveling from one place to another? Then, creating a separate cover page after the end and beginning of another trip seems like a great idea! Also, I love how these cover pages are so simple and minimalist!

Travel Bullet Journal Quote

travel bullet journal ideas


Chase down your passion for travel with this ultra cool travel bullet journal quote page! Doodle a little bit and voila- you have a beautiful travel bullet journal quote page! Also, who else can’t stop obsessing over this cute travel van?

Organized Travel Planning


An organized travel is a mess free travel! Who else agrees? I always make sure I make a list of places to visit, foods to try, activities to do, and plan my day-to-day adventures to be done beforehand! Do you know, why? Because that makes your travel hassle-free and you don’t miss on the best things!

Road Trip Travel Planning

travel bullet journal ideas


Plan your adventurous road trip using this bullet journal spread as your inspiration! I love how it covers all the important information about traveling- there’s a to-do list, details about flights to be taken, places to visit, etc. This kind of planning helps you to have the best travel experience!

Holiday Travel Planning Spread


I love HOLIDAYS! Because I get to travel! Normally, the days go by and we are so busy! So, me and my family looks forward to the holiday season! If you do too, then check out these cute travel bullet journal doodle ideas!

You can use these Zebra Mildliner Highlighter Pens (these pens from Amazon are my best investment ever) to fill in colors in your bullet journal spreads!

Travel Bullet Journal CoverPage


Create a cute travel bullet journal cover page and remind yourself of all the fun you are going to have on your trip! You can use Pigma Micron Black Pen for writing the quote and to fill in colors use these  Tombow Dual Brush Pen Markers and Zebra Mildliner Highlighter Pens.

Create your Perfect Travel Itinerary

travel bullet journal ideas


Such a beautiful travel spread! She had included a to-do list, checklist, and a timeline to slot the plans in each day! That’s a very useful travel itinerary spread.

Hope you like these travel bullet journal spread ideas and use them for your inspiration! Do leave comments and tell me which one is your favorite spread?

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