Top 5 Blogging tips for New Bloggers in 2020



Blogging was just a hobby in the past but 2020 has seen a potential growth in number of bloggers. Bloggers are on a rise, whenever you open a social media site, you can come across a lot of influencers, bloggers sharing catastrophic amount of content- travel tips, business building methods, latest fashion and the list goes on.


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“As a result, there are about 600 million blogs in the world with about 31 million active blogs in the United States”

So, before you start on your exciting journey of the blogging world, here are 5 blogging tips for new bloggers in 2020:

1.Set a Goal for blogging and Make a Strategy to achieve it

Ask yourself, why do you want to blog? People make blogs to market/promote themselves or their business products and services or to do networking with other professionals that helps them to share their work.

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fully established blog”

You can be student who wants to earn money while finishing your school which can help you pay off your loans or improve your writing skills, enhance your resume and help in getting launched for your dream career. Or you can be a mom who wants to spend quality time with her children but also want to contribute to the family income.

So, whatever your goal is – the best way to achieve it, is to write down a step-by-step plan, schedule it properly and work hard consistently!

2.Find your niche for blogging

Niche is your area of focus in which you specialize, niche markets do not exist by themselves, they are created by identifying the needs and wants of your customers and then producing products or services that satisfy them. Targeting a particular niche helps you to make a UNIQUE blog.

As Elon Musk said “You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty
of problems you solve”

So, to identify the problems in any area, you should gain knowledge by reading about the various aspects of that area. In addition to that, reading opens your mind and provides you new directions. Consequently, reading will help you generate more ideas about what topic you can blog about and in which area.

3.Write about various blog topics in your niche

Now that you have read, you must have identified some gaps/problems that people face and are seeking solutions and YOU CAN PROVIDE SOLUTIONS. You have knowledge, expertise in your niche, know what can be done to solve the problems/fill the gaps, Write about that!

In other words, this is how blogs grow, identify a problem – provide solution by making products or services available to your audience.

For example, you are starting a travel blog then write about best places to visit in that country; you can mention about the Do’s and Don’ts; what you like about their culture, food; regarding the hotels, in addition you can get some deals from hotels and write reviews about them

( but a genuine one, you can’t afford to lose the trust of your audience)

“The secret is to know your audience, write about the topics which they search for most and Voila! Your blogs start getting good amount of views”

4.Be consistent with blogging

Although in the first step, you have created a goal for yourself and made a step-by-step plan, you should do more. In addition to working hard you must be consistent because “Consistency is the key to success”

“Dreams can only come true when you wake up and do something”

The mistake done by most bloggers is they work for 3-6 months on their blog, subsequently get tired of poor results and leave saying it can’t work.

If it couldn’t work, do you think people would quit their jobs and start blogging? Many have done that and will continue to do so. Certainly, the freedom and flexibility offered by owning a business is highly addictive!

5.Add value

Everything in life has a purpose. Above all, your content should have a purpose to add value to your reader’s life. No matter what information you are providing it should be helpful for the reader.

For example, you are writing about How to create a blog, make sure to include a good amount of information for any new blogger, I know you can’t include everything but be as helpful as possible.

                 If it doesn’t add value, it’s waste”

I hope you liked these blogging tips for new bloggers in 2020, do let me know what’s your favorite one




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  1. Got an idea about it now.. Looking forward in following the rules and doing something productive for myself and others.. Thanks for your help bdw

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