50 Questions To Find Your Best Self in Life

50 Questions To Get To Know Yourself

Sometimes we find it difficult to understand ourselves, we feel lost. We fail to understand what brings us peace and happiness. Everybody experiences this at some point in their life, where we feel distracted from our path. We try to find our true self but fail.

I have been in that position so I’m writing about what has helped me and maybe it can help you too. So, I’m sharing a list of 50 Questions To Answer To Find Your Best Self. Because to find your true self is something personal and internal. Also, if you wish to change yourself never stop asking questions to your inner self and make changes, only then you shall succeed in life.

Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of Wisdom.” – Aristotle

These 50 questions will help you to find happiness and understand yourself. So, let’s dive in to discover your best self.

50 Questions To Help You Find Your Best Self

  1. How do I feel at the moment?
  2. What am I grateful for now? (mention at least 5 things)
  3. What can make me happy right now?
  4. Where Do I see myself in one year?
  5. What does happiness mean to you?
  6. Why am I distracted and how to focus more on important things?
  7. If today was the last day, what would I do?
  8. What is missing from my Life and How to Get More of it?
  9. Who/What makes me the happiest?
  10. What actions can I take today to make my life simpler?
  11. If I could give one advice to my younger self, what will that be?
  12. How can I love myself more daily?
  13. What are my achievements?
  14. What are my top qualities? (mention at least 5)
  15. Who inspires me and why do they inspire me?
  16. What makes me upset?
  17. What are my priorities?
  18. How do I like to relax?
  19. What are my goals? Did I take any step today to reach my goals?
  20. How do I shift my negative mindset into a positive one?
  21. What changes can I bring in my daily routine?
  22. How Does an Ideal Day look like for me?
  23. What good habits can I include in my daily routine? What unhealthy habits do I need to dump?
  24. How can I be more compassionate and kind towards others?
  25. What do I fear?
  26. How do I overcome my setbacks and become a more confident version of myself?
  27. Do I like the person I am Today? If I had to change something in myself, what will that be? Also, How can I change?
  28. What makes you feel alive?
  29. What Do I need to let go off? (Toxic people, fears)
  1. What motivates me to keep going in life?
  2. Top 3 Ways I can get out of my comfort zone this year?
  3. Write down at least 5 positive affirmations and repeat them daily.
  4. How & where do I spend my energy and focus?
  5. What am I in control of at this moment?
  6. If money wasn’t an issue, then what will I do with it? Where will I spend it?
  7. What is my passion in life? Also, what sets my soul on fire?
  8. Do I practice enough self-care?
  9. What does my dream life look like? Moreover, What steps do I take to achieve what I dream of?
  10. 5 Memories I cherish the most? Also, why?
  11. How do I become more mindful of my emotions?
  12. What is holding me back in life? Also, why and how to overcome it?
  13. Who means the world to me and why?
  14. What lesson did I learn this week/month?
  15. When did I experience joy this past week?
  16. What values are important for me? (mention at least 5)
  17. What do I think about the most? Furthermore, How is my thought pattern like?
  18. If I couldn’t fail in anything, what would I do?
  19. What are the 10 things I love about myself?
  20. How have been my past 5 years? Also, where do I see myself in the next 5 years?
  21. Lastly, How do I want to be remembered in Life?

Hope you find these useful in finding your best self. You can use these as journal prompts and move ahead in your path of self-discovery and self-reflection.

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