Easy Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads That You Can Copy!


Want to set up a minimalist bullet journal weekly spread? Then, you’re in the right place! I have found some very inspiring, simple, neat, and minimalist bullet journal weekly spread ideas! Before we those, here are some common questions & answers about a weekly bullet journal spread:

What is a weekly spread in a bullet journal?

A weekly spread is an integral part of your bullet journal. As you know, bullet journaling helps you be organized! A weekly spread helps you plan your week/weeks in advance so that you stay and organized and productive throughout the weeks. You can divide a weekly spread into sections for each day and write down the tasks to be completed on that particular day. A weekly spread can be a one-page or two-page layout!

What should you put in your Weekly Spread?

A weekly spread should include tasks/important notes for each day of the week. Besides noting down tasks, you can include a tracker such as a sleep tracker, workout tracker, water tracker, meal tracker, etc.

How to use a weekly spread?

A weekly spread can be used efficiently to plan your week ahead. Create a one-page or two-page layout, then include the tasks for each day. Every day check your bullet journal for the tasks to be done for the day. Complete and check them off your list. A weekly spread is the best way to stay organized. It can include notes, a to-do list, trackers, and sometimes a plan for the next month.

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Bullet Journal Supplies For Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads:

To create a minimalist bullet journal spread, all you need are these tools:

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Simple flower-themed minimalist weekly spread

minimalist bullet journal weekly


There is something about floral spreads that attracts me, I love the beauty that flowers add to anything including bullet journal spreads. Also, this spread is a perfect black and white bullet journal spread with minimal use of color.

The only color she has used is for highlighting the days of the week.

These highlighters are the best and most affordable for your bullet journaling journey.

One-page bullet journal weekly spread

minimalist bullet journal weekly


Ok, so if you’re the busiest person but still want to maintain a bullet journal for all the productiveness it brings in life, then this bullet journal spread is perfect to inspire you!

The artist has made vertical columns for each day of the week. Also, there’s a sleep tracker at the bottom of the page for tracking sleep for the week and I think it’s a great idea!

This is the perfect minimalist bullet journal weekly spread, requires very little time and energy. Moreover, you just need a black pen like this one and a bullet journal like this one, and you’re sorted!

One-page minimalist weekly spread


Here’s another simple yet very productive minimalist weekly spread!

Both the page are differently designed, if you see the left one, the day of the week is bolded with small numbers below and they’re highlighted. Whereas, on the left side, the numbers are bolded with smaller lettering of the day below.

This is a great example that a minimalist bullet journal spread can be made creatively with minimal effort and time!

For highlighting, you can use these Zebra Mildliner Highlighter Pens.

Boxed minimalist bullet journal weekly layout

weekly bullet journal spread


Want a different layout for your minimalist bullet journal spreads? Then, this spread is a perfect example of thinking out of the “box”! It’s horizontally designed instead of the age-old vertical weekly spreads. I love the large M letter to signify the month, it also indicates the week number!

I love the large boxes she has created and all the tasks are arranged in bullet points in this spread! It’s simple, elegant, and neat, which is all I want for my weekly bullet journal spread!

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Super Minimalist weekly spread

minimalist bullet journal weekly


This is such an aesthetically pleasing bullet journal spread! Instead of using sketches and highlighters, she had made use of craft paper, and stickers. This saves time and allows you to use your creativity!

I totally like the idea of adding a quote at the end of the two-page weekly spread! It gives the inspiration to do more and spend the week efficiently.

Colored Minimalist weekly layout

minimalist bullet journal weekly


Such a splendid weekly spread for the bullet journal! I think I’ll definitely use this in my April bullet journal spreads.

With April comes the beautiful season of spring! It’s time to break out all your colors and make the best spring bujo spreads, but what if you lack the time? I think this is a perfect example to take inspiration from!

She had taken colorful markers (these Tombow markers are the best in the market) and made a beautiful two-page weekly layout.

Functional Black & White Minimalist weekly spread


When I saw this weekly spread, it reminded me of this quote “Simplicity is the soul of efficiency”! This is an ideal example of a simple, and functional weekly spread.

Not only does it include space to include tasks to be done daily but also includes a mini to-do list, there’s a place for projects, review and it has space to include tasks that are to be completed in the next month.

For writing headings and highlighting, you can use Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens (2-Pack) and Sakura Pigma Micron Pens. Sakura White Gelly Roll Pens can be used for the white headings on the black background.

Map themed minimalist weekly spread

minimalist bullet journal weekly


Are you going to travel? Then, this map-themed weekly bullet journal spread can be your best companion! It involves investing a little bit of time but this is one of my favorite bullet journal spreads!

Geometric two-page minimalist weekly spread

minimalist bullet journal weekly


I simply love the geometrical layout of this weekly spread! She has divided the page into two and made the geometrical shapes to include the daily activities in bullet points. Also, I think it’s a brilliant idea to include a mini-calendar at the bottom of the page so that you know which week it is!

Vertical weekly spread

minimalist bullet journal weekly


I like the vertical layout of this bullet journal weekly spread! Also, she has added some

Hamster Minimalist weekly spread


Ok, this weekly spread has another level of cuteness! I adore hamsters, if you do too, you can try this hamster-themed weekly spread or maybe pick your favorite pet/animal in your bullet journal.

Also, I love the casual way of writing the days and including notes at the side!

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Circular minimalist weekly spread

minimalist bullet journal weekly


Leave behind the vertical and horizontal spreads and try this circular weekly bullet journal spread!

I like the little bit of coloring on the circle + there’s a motivation quote in the center, making it one of the best, unique, and functional minimalist weekly spread!

Easy Minimalist bullet journal weekly spread


A little highlighting never hurts! If you thought minimalist bullet journal spreads are only black & white then you’re wrong! You can use a little bit of color and that uplifts the look of your BuJo.

Also, the colors are synchronous to the fall weather making this weekly BuJo layout perfect for your fall bullet journal spreads!

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Hope you enjoyed these simple & easy minimalist weekly spread ideas! Do let me know in the comments, what you think?

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