17 Minimalist Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads


Coming up with a new theme every month is a difficult task and when you’re busy, it adds on the misery! But, worry not! I have made a list of 17 Minimalist Bullet Journal Monthly Spread for you to have a productive month while investing little time and energy in creating a perfect monthly spread!

What does a Monthly Spread include?

A minimalist monthly spread includes the list of tasks to be included in the month. The monthly spread can include a list of important tasks, activities, and sometimes can be combined with trackers like sleep tracker, water tracker, etc. this helps you compare your results on a month-to-month basis. A minimalist monthly spread is a simple spread with minimal use of colors, markers, decorations which helps you save time but helps you maintain your productivity.

How can you set up a minimalist bullet journal?

Setting up a minimalist bullet journal is comparatively easy than the traditional colorful bullet journal. All you need a bullet journal notebook, and a black pen. The entire process is easy and takes very minimal time!

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Bullet Journal Supplies For Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads:

To make a minimalist bullet journal spread, all you need are these tools:

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Super Minimalist Monthly Spread

minimalist bullet journal monthly


If you’re looking for a clean and classy monthly spread, then look no further! I love how clean and organized this May bullet journal monthly spread looks! Plus, there’s a separate box for the list of tasks to be completed in the month. This monthly spread gives me all the minimalist + classy vibes!

You can use ✅Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens (2-Pack) to create this May monthly spread for your bullet journal.

Two-Page Minimalist Monthly Layout

minimalist bullet journal monthly


A two-page monthly spread is all you need when you want to spread out the calendar. This gives you enough space in each box to mark any important dates, write any specific tasks to be completed, and gives a chic minimalist look! Are you going to try this in your February bullet journal spreads?

Minimalist Monthly Spread + Tracker


Make this March ‘Manageable’ with this minimalist monthly spread for your bullet journal! I love the idea of adding a tracker at the corner of the monthly spread, this is the best use of space in your bullet journal. Also, it allows you to compare the results from one month to another to track your progress. For trackers, you can add a sleep tracker, steps tracker, water tracker, diet, gratitude, no spend, and journal tracker. It’s a really great way to cultivate habits.

You can use the best pens in the market to create this spread- ✅Pigma Micron Black Pen, they are expensive but you get a pack of 6 (for not more than $10), which is a superb deal! 

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Vertical monthly spread

minimalist bullet journal monthly


This is such a cool and unique monthly spread! I have seen multiple horizontal monthly spreads, but vertical bujo monthly spreads are the new thing! They are super easy to create, consume the least time possible and there’s enough room for you to add any details for the particular day like birthdays or any important activities to be completed for the day!

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Highlighted Minimalist BuJo Calendar


Want to make a minimalist bullet journal spread but don’t want to miss on colors? Then, you can take inspiration from this April bullet journal monthly calendar! I really appreciate the highlighting of dates in the month, also she has left enough space to add any tasks/important notes.

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Christmas Golden Theme Monthly Spread

minimalist bullet journal monthly


Oh, December! With December, comes Christmas and let’s admit who has time to put efforts into creating a sophisticated monthly spread for December? But wait, here is one spread that is so simple, minimalist, and doesn’t fail to give the Christmasy vibes. I really adore this monthly spread and the use of golden color (I love the usage of glitter and sparkles in my bullet journal).

You can use this set of Pentel Arts Metallic gel pens to decorate your bullet journal. This set contains one golden and one silver ink pen! If you want to add more glamour to your bullet journal, then check out this Christmas Washi Tape Set 12 Rolls, these are my favorite and absolutely gorgeous!

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Creative Minimalist BuJo Calendar


I absolutely adore this July bullet journal monthly calendar! It’s so different from the ones I have seen yet! I like this monthly spread because she added huge letters and used the inside space creatively to include the dates of the month! I’m a sucker for unique spreads which are totally out of the box and different from the traditional ones and so this July monthly spread has my heart!

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Flower themed minimalist monthly spread


OK, so if you’re a fan of flowers in your bullet journal like I am, then this February monthly spread is for you! I love how creative the entire layout looks and the vibrant addition of the flowers has enhanced the look of the monthly spread! Also, she has included the goals to be completed in the month with a to-do list which are excellent add-ons to the monthly spread to keep you productive throughout the month!

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Harry Potter-themed monthly spread

minimalist bullet journal monthly


I’m a forever Harry Potter fan! The series took the world by a storm and continues to rule the hearts of many even after years of its release! So, this monthly spread is a perfect inspiration for a Harry Potter fan! You need not add the wand like this spread if you think it consumes a lot of time. Apart from that wand, the rest of the monthly calendar is quite easy to create!

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Black & White November Minimalist Monthly Spread

minimalist bullet journal monthly


This is the perfect minimalist bullet journal monthly spread for anyone who wants to keep it simple yet warm! The use of ‘shades of grey’ washi tape has enhanced the entire look of the monthly spread! The entire layout is chic, simple and gives the perfect minimalist vibes.

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2-Page April Monthly Spread Layout


Wow, I have to admit this monthly spread for April is the most minimalist and chic layout I have seen! If you want to check out some highlighters, then check out these Zebra Mildliner Highlighter Pens, these pens from Amazon are my best investment ever and if you’re a minimalist, then they can last for ages!

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Easy & Colorful Minimalist Spread


Enjoy your summer this July with this minimalist monthly spread for 2021! For adding colors to your minimalist layout, you can check out these  Tombow Dual Brush Pen Markers and Zebra MildLiner Highlighter Pens set of 25 units from Amazon!

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Simple Minimalist Bullet Journal for 2021


I love the optimum use of space in this bullet journal spread. It has got a monthly spread at the beginning and instead of wasting the paper, she goes on create a daily spread which I think is very cool!

July Monthly Spread + Tasks Page


What do you think about this uncomplicated and effortless minimalist bullet journal spread? I must say highlighting the tasks has totally enhanced the look of the bullet journal layout!

Boxed Monthly Log for your Bullet Journal

minimalist bullet journal monthly


Boxed monthly spread layouts are becoming ‘a thing’! I love the creativity that goes into creating perfect boxes for the monthly layout. Although it takes a little extra time, I would say go for it if you have enough time and patience! I’m definitely going to try this for the next month!

Clean & Simple Monthly Layout

minimalist bullet journal monthly


This is another very simple and basic minimalist monthly spread giving you enough room to add any notes or tasks. Also, I like the vertical layout, quite different from the same horizontal one that is often made! You can add some colors using Tombow Dual Brush Pen Markers and Zebra MildLiner Highlighter Pens set of 25 units from Amazon to give it an enhanced look!

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Hope you enjoyed these easy minimalist monthly spread ideas! Do let me know in the comments, which one is your favorite?

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