How I Increased My Reach to 3.7 Million Using Tailwind Tribes

Okay – I’m excited to make this post. So, to begin with, I’m a beginner in the world of blogging (less than an year old). Like any other newbie, I was always worried about getting traffic to my blog.


If you are a new blogger you might be definitely struggling for a while to get consistent traffic on your blog. Also, the whole SEO thing takes a while so that you can get “organic Google traffic”. There’s a lot of learning and practicing involved to get SEO right, especially for a newbie!

While I was scratching my head trying to figure out ways to drive traffic to my blog, I read a zillion articles on tips, tricks, hacks but always wondered which one’s will actually work?

After reading so much, I thought to give Pinterest + Tailwind a try! And you know what, it works!!!!! Ever since I have started using Tailwind, my reach has increased to 3.7 million (Wow, I can’t believe I’m saying that). This happened in just 25 days of using Tailwind!

Note: I’m not driving 3.7 million people to my blog, but Tailwind has increased my reach to such an extend which wouldn’t be possible in any other way! So, let me walk you through how it works…

Formula for Traffic = Pinterest + Tailwind

Before that, why pinterest?

  • Similar to Google, Pinterest is also a search engine, more specifically it’s a visual search engine!
  • Many established bloggers drive thousand to millions of traffic to their blog every month from Pinterest.
  • Life of a pin on Pinterest is almost 3.5 months, compared to 90 minutes on Facebook.
  • You can pin about 15-30 pins everyday on Pinterest whereas on other platforms, with this frequency you might get blocked!

These are the reasons I picked Pinterest as my No.1 resource to bring traffic to my blog which many established bloggers use today! Maximum users on Pinterest are proactive, they are there to find inspiration, also you have a chance to join group boards where you can contribute your pins and increase your reach.

Moving on to Tailwind..

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a smart scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram. Over the years it has gained masive popularity for helping bloggers get traffic from Pinterest. It helps you schedule pins for weeks or months ahead and automatically publish on your behalf. That means, even if you’re sleeping you can pin and engage audience on your pins!

It saves so much time! This gives you extra time to brainstorm and put out more content while Tailwind does the work of engaging audience by publishing at the “right time”.

Tailwind has many features. Three features that are my favorite are (which helps you increase your reach):

  • Scheduling Tool
  • Tailwind Insights
  • Tailwind Tribes

Scheduling Tool:

This is a powerful tool which gives you quick results. Tailwind’s scheduling tool has made it easy for me to schedule an entire week’s of pin in just 1 hour.

As we have multiple boards for pinning a single pin, you can use the boards listings feature of tailwind, where you can add multiple boards to a single list. This will make your scheduling work easier!

Tip: Don’t add more than 10 Pinterest Boards on a single list as per Tailwind’s recommendation.

Also, tailwind will make sure your content gets pinned at optimized times i.e. when your audience is most active. This results in more clicks and blog visits (this is what we want-TRAFFIC!)

Tailwind Insights:

Tailwind insights will help you to monitor your performance. It has various areas which you explore like profile performance, board insights, pin inspector, website insights, top pins and organic traffic. Profile performance shows overall performance of your Pinterest profile. Pin inspector shows which pins are performing well and board insights show which are boards are performing well. This in-depth analysis of every aspect will help you improve your Pinterest game and increase your reach.

Tailwind Tribes:

This is the most exciting feature of Tailwind. Tailwind Tribes are groups which you can join and share your content. The tribe members who are basically bloggers also add their content while simultaneously repin other’s content as well.

So, the basic idea is tribe members are like a family who share each other content/pins on their profile/boards, thus increasing your reach! There are many tribes, some are niche focussed while others include all niches. Many of these have a 1:1 ratio, which means if you add one pin to a tribe, you must share someone else’s pin. “Sharing is caring”, this should be followed strictly otherwise you get kicked out of the tribe!

Now you might be wondering, why should I join Tailwind Tribes when there are like group boards on Pinterest. The reason is that Pinterest doesn’t value group boards anymore. Of course there are some really good group boards but most of them have lost value. Also, tribes are an enhanced version of Pinterest group boards.

For example, my best group board on Pinterest gave me about 60 k reach till date whereas tailwind tribes gave me about 3.7 million reach in just 25 days! Here are my overall results using Tailwind tribes. The number of pins submitted, re-shares and repins received and finally the reach! The goal is to find your niche tribes with high engagement and add content everyday.

How Can You Use Tailwind Tribes?

You can start with a free trial by clicking here. With this free trial and Plus Plan, you can participate in up to 5 Tribes with 30 submissions a month and $15 credit amount which you can use later for upgrading. I personally started with a free trial but upgraded within 2 days because the free trial gives me an option of just 30 submissions and I wanted to explore furthermore and understand Tailwind’s true potential. So, I upgraded it and you can do that too. Also, I didn’t pay for this month because when you click on someone’s link, you get $15 credit amount which you can redeem easily!

How Do I Find And Join Tribes?

Once you Sign up for a free trial, you can find new tribes by going into the tribes section and clicking on Find a Tribe at the top. Check the snap below.

tailwind tribes

As you can you also have a option of ‘creating your own tribe’, highlighted in green. When you click on Find a tribe option, you are taken to a page like this:

tailwind tribes

In the search box, put in the keywords or category you wish to join. For example, you put “blogging” as your keyword, your search results will show tribes in the blogging category. Now, how do you decide which one to choose? Look at the activity score. A high activity score indicates that the tribe is highly active and you can get a potential amount of re-shares.

For example, in this snap below: Pinterest friends has low activity score when compared to Dream.Pin.Go tribe, although the former has higher number of members. Remember, number of members do not indicate a activity, always look at the bars!

tailwind tribes

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How to add content to Tribe?

Go to your drafts section, under each pin you have a ‘Add to tribes option’. Click on that and select the tribes where you want to add your pin. From the Check the snap below:

Make sure you add content everyday to your tribes and analyze which ones are giving good results. In each tribe, there is a section where you can view your results. For example, in this tribe below, I added 3 pins (See Yours-3). Under Tribe overview, I can see that I got 7 re-shares and 40.1 K reach. Not bad, considering i just joined it few days ago.

tailwind tribes

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Once you have added pins to the tribe, make sure you share more pins from tribe. This helps you draw attention from other tribe members and builds trust!

Lastly, Tailwind is an amazing tool to increase your blog traffic.You can start with the free version and later upgrade it if it suits your needs.

I hope you liked this blog post, if you did, kindly pin it and share it. Let me know in the comments if you have used Tailwind and how was your experience 🙂

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