27 February Bullet Journal Ideas To Try In 2021


Find the best February bullet journal ideas for 2021. I’m so obsessed with bullet journaling that each month I look for some bullet journal inspiration ideas. So, this month I have compiled a list of 27 Cute February Bullet Journal Ideas 2021. I have picked spreads ranging from Valentine’s day themes, roses, while others are minimalist and abstract spreads.

Here you’ll find the best February bullet journal theme ideas. Also, February bullet journal cover page ideas, bullet journal monthly spreads and weekly spreads, habit tracker ideas, mood tracker ideas, music playlist tracker ideas, doodles ideas, bullet journal header, and banner ideas, and quote page ideas. I’m sure you will love them!

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February Bullet Journal Themes:

  • Valentine’s day theme
  • Roses
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Pink themes
  • Purple themes
  • Flowers
  • Magic show theme
  • Nature theme
  • Clouds theme

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Bullet Journal Supplies For Beginners:

Before we dive in to see February Bullet Journal Ideas, I want to mention the tools (bullet journal supplies) I have found very useful for my Bullet Journal. Also, if you’re just starting out on your BuJo journey, these tools will come in very handy for you. These bullet journal supplies are affordable and I wish I bought these at first. So, these are perfect tools for your bullet journal instead of those overpriced books and markers.

  1. I use this ✅Dotted Grid Journal. You can get this hardcover bullet journal at a very inexpensive price on Amazon. The journal is exclusively designed for bullet journaling and the dotted pages make designing and drawing very easy! It doesn’t bleed and you get a good size hardcover journal. Also, you can use this ✅Essentials Dot Matrix Journal, which comes in two sizes A5 size and A4 size, it can be perfect if you’re not into designing or using a lot of color markers. Also, I personally love this ✅Lemome Bullet Journal Notebook. It has a beautiful cover and I totally recommend it if you’re looking for something other than a plain covered journal. For more information on bullet journal notebooks, you can check my post on ✅THE BEST INEXPENSIVE BULLET JOURNAL NOTEBOOKS.
  2. I use this ✅Pigma Micron Black Pen for titles. They are expensive but you get a pack of 6 (for not more than $10), totally worth the price!! These pens come in different sizes. In bullet journaling, pens are used the most, so investing in good ones from the beginning is the best idea.
  3. What’s a journal without some decoration? I get these ✅Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens for decorating. I also love these pastel colorful markers.
  4. These ✅20 pieces stencil pack- which offers many creative options! Also, they can be easily cleaned, reused, and of the perfect size for your BuJo!
  5. I use this ✅metallic gold pen for some special decoration of cover pages. This pack comes with a silver and golden pen- totally worth it!
  6. Washi tape sets – they have varied options like glittergold foilautumn flower decorations. These are super cute and turns the whole bullet journal journey into a fun and creative process!

You can find the best bullet journal notebooks here.

27 Lovey-Dovey February Bullet Journal Ideas💖

February Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

Roses theme cover page for February bullet journal

february bullet journal ideas


Roses theme is such a classic theme for the month of February. I love this spread and I’m definitely going to try this one in my bullet journal. I like how she has drawn roses at both corners and one in the center with a cute font in the center.

If you need help creating awesome roses, use this Roses Stencil from amazon. It’s quite affordable and it’ll help you create beautiful roses with leaves. Also, for coloring you can use these Tombow dual brush pens (these are my best investment ever).

Feathers theme cover page for February bullet journal

february bullet journal ideas


Want to try something different for February? I know, February has Valentine’s day and so you will find cover pages filled with hearts, flowers and roses. But, what if you want something beautiful and magical but not lovey-dovey? Then, this is the perfect bullet journal spread! Try this feathers theme cover page for February to give it an extraordinary look.

This water colored cover page is another of my favorites for this month. It’s cute and looks magical! The feathers are drawn so neatly with a cute font at the corner.

Beautiful Animals theme cover page for February Bullet Journal

february bullet journal ideas


Such a cute giraffe!!!!! I love how she has incorporated a rainbow theme in this Giraffe. This spread is simple but still has a lot of little details and colors which makes it beautiful!

Night theme cover page for February bullet journal

february bullet journal ideas


Tired of all the love themes? Then, go for this Night themed cover page for your February Bullet Journal. I think this cover page has the perfect blend of blue and lavender color, giving the cover page a marvelous look!

Flowers theme cover page for February bullet journal


Want an incredible flowers theme bullet journal cover page? Then, this can be your perfect pick! Instead of making the flowers pink/red colored, she has used blue & lavender shades which gives a unique look for this month.

Magic show theme cover page for February bullet journal

february bullet journal ideas


Do you think Valentine’s Day theme as boring? Then, this magic show theme can be different and unique for your bullet journal cover page. It has a lot of detailing and I love the idea of including so many doodles with February written in simple font in the center.

Cherry Blossom theme cover page for February bullet journal


If you’re looking for a stunning cover page for February, then this can give you the inspiration. With gorgeous pink cherry blossom flowers and lettering, this cover page truly has it all!

Party theme cover page for February bullet journal


I adore this minimalist party themed cover page for February. The cute lamp doodles, stars and the big font makes it look so perfect, also it’s minimalist, so won’t take much longer to finish it.

If you need more inspiration, then check out my post on 30 Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads for 2021.

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February Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

Pink & Purple theme monthly spread for February bullet journal

February bullet journal ideas


If you don’t want a complete red-colored Valentine’s day theme, but still want something girly with pink color, this monthly spread is for you.

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Pink theme monthly spread for February bullet journal


I think this is the perfect monthly spread for February that help you keep organized. It has a goals section to keep you motivated and fixed on your monthly goals, there’s a calendar with small description for each day, also there’s a events column so you won’t forget any important days/parties/events.

You can check out my post on the 12 best calendar ideas for your bullet journal. There you’ll find horizontal and vertical calendar ideas along with unique theme ideas for each month.

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Roses theme monthly spread for February bullet journal

February bullet journal ideas


If you need cute red roses filled monthly spread, then this will give you the inspiration you need! I absolutely love the idea of having a two-page monthly spread as it gives you enough room to accommodate dates+some special events.

The entire spread is simple making the rose doodles stand out. If you struggle to make rose doodles, then use this Roses Stencil from amazon, it’s damn affordable and will help you create those beautiful roses to perfection!

February Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Valentine’s theme weekly spread for February bullet journal


This has to be my favorite bullet journal weekly spreads. I love the color scheme of pinks and purple used in this spread. It looks cute with all those heart doodles for each day of the week. You can use these Pastel shades pack of Tombow dual brush pens to fill colors.

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Cherry Blossom theme weekly spread for February bullet journal


How awesome does the cherry blossom tree looks? Plus, the page also includes an inspiring quote- “Creativity takes courage”. I love the light color scheme used in this weekly spread and cherry blossom tree doodles.

If you need help in drawing cherry blossom tree, then use this Cherry Blossom Tree Stencil from Amazon. It’s so affordable plus it will save your time and energy!

Also, if you need more inspiration on weekly bullet journal spread, then check out my post on 35 weekly bullet journal spread ideas.

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February Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Butterfly theme habit tracker

February bullet journal ideas


It’s been just one month past New Year and that makes it an awesome time to build on some good habits. I think this habit tracker layout is the perfect one for February. I love how it has a mini calendar and a large beautiful Butterfly doodle.

If you need more inspiration on habit trackers for this February, then check out the post on 27 Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas 2021

Minimalist habit tracker bullet journal spread


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27 Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas 2021

20 Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Ideas 2021

February Bullet Journal Mood Tracker


I personally track my mood throughout the year and it’s especially important during the last months, first month and winter months. With everything so gloomy, you tend to feel stressful. This mood tracker is simple and so unique. Minimal use of colors + beautiful art in the corners is just AWESOME. Even if you can’t have art drawings, use this mood tracker to keep a healthy and sound mind. Also, it has a sleep log to track your sleep schedule.

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February Bullet Journal Quotes


Quotes are an amazing way to add positivity in your life. Last year has been tough and we’re not so certain about this year too. So, adding one or more quotes will lighten up your heart!

If you need more inspiration, check out my post on 21 Bullet Journal Quote Page Ideas 2021.

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February Bullet Journal Banner Ideas


These super-simple banners are definitely something I can take inspiration from! Also, this is a step-by-step banners tutorial. I never knew creating banners can be this easy! You can use these for headings in your monthly and weekly spreads or anywhere and they would surely make your spreads appealing.

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15 Bullet Journal Header Ideas for 2020

February Bullet Journal Header Ideas


I love decorating my bullet journal spreads! That’s why I put these February header ideas if you love the same. It doesn’t matter if you need something that’s super easy and minimal or more complex and colorful… You’ll definitely find a perfect heading idea that works for your layout.

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Music Bullet Journal Spread


Had a breakup recently? Music therapy helps you get over tough things like breakups. February can be hard for such people, trust me, I have been there! So, don’t hesitate to build a good playlist tracker. I love how she has made cute boxes and colored them.

If you need more inspiration for playlist tracker’s, then check out my post on 34 music tracker ideas for your bullet journal.

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Wow! This album sticker themed music playlist tracker for February has my heart! It’s so colorful and easy to make. You can use Zebra Mildliner Pens from amazon to create this spread. For an affordable price, you get 15 adorable shades.

Valentine’s Day Bullet Journal

February bullet journal ideas


Anddd, one Happy Valentine’s Day Page in remembrance of a lovely day! In my opinion, it isn’t necessary to have this page but you can include one if you want to as it’s fun!

February Bullet Journal Doodles


How cute are these doodles? There’s one for parcels, another one for traveling, clouds etc. These look lively and different from the classic Valentine’s day doodles. You can use Tombow Dual Brush Pens  to create this doodles page.

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Valentine’s Day Bullet Journal Doodles

Valentine's day bullet journal


Want to make your Valentine’s day more special? Then decorate your bullet journal with these love-filled doodles❣ Doodles are a great way to add Valentine’s day touch to your BuJo! There are simple and perfect for beginners and those who don’t have a lot of artistic talent!

If you need more doodle inspiration, check out my post on  500+ Doodle Ideas That are easy to draw by Beginners

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February bullet journal


Lastly, let’s bid adieu to a beautiful month with this magical last page. Happy Valentine’s Day to those who are celebrating it!


If you’re a visual learner, then you’ll definitely enjoy this video by Amanda rach lee. Amanda rach lee bullet journal setups are really famous and you’ll like them!

Hope you enjoyed these February Bullet Journal Spread Ideas as much as I enjoyed compiling this blog post. Have a Lovey-Dovey February Month!

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