25 Beautiful Fall Bullet Journal Ideas


Find the best fall bullet journal ideas here. Ahh, finally the weather is cooling down and that means it’s FALL (or autumn, whatever you prefer to call it).

What do you love about fall?

For me, fall means colors, spooky events, that sweet transition of everything – it’s MAGICAL ! You find fall colors everywhere and also, you can live your best life without sweating buckets! The spirit of change is in the air, it’s Halloween, the weather is dream like. There’s so so much to love about in the Fall season!

So, as your outside world is making a sweet transition, so should your bullet journal. Here is a compilation of 25 beautiful autumn/fall bullet journal spreads.

Alright, what to create on these autumn pages in your bullet journal?

As it’s time to go back to school, prepare some yummy fall dishes, track your habits, track your notes, health and there’s so much to do! So, my autumn/fall bullet journal pages will includes bullet journal spreads of various themes likes back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fall leaves, doodles of pumpkin, leaves, campfire, black coat, black cat, oak leafs, hats, pumpkin pie, marshmallow, apples, coffee, spooky Halloween doodles, ghost doodles, tombstone, mittens, and hats. All these perfectly summarize the fall season for me.

So in this post you’ll find various fall bullet journal themes ideas like back to school, Halloween, autumn leaves, pumpkins, coffee, and lots of fall doodles. Also, I have included habit trackers, mood trackers, autumn playlist ideas, fall/autumn doodles, monthly and weekly fall bullet journal spreads and so much more. I’m sure you’ll love them!

Bullet Journal Supplies To Create Perfect Fall Spreads


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So, before you move on see inspiring fall bullet journal ideas, I want to highlight few bullet journal supplies which will help you create perfect autumn bullet journal spreads ! As you can see in the above picture, these are the few bullet journal pens you’ll need:

These Tombow Dual Brush Pen Markers are blendable and contains brush tip that can create fine, medium or bold strokes and fine tip gives consistent lines.

These Zebra MildLiner Highlighter Pens set of 25 units are the best ever investment! You will get everything from pastel to bright colors. I bought them and couldn’t be happier as these are very affordable and you get all the colors at once in one pack, you need not purchase separate sets! Also, you can get these Zebra Pen Mildliner Double Ended Brush and Fine Tip Pen of 15 units. These are pretty similar to Tombow Dual Brush Pen Markers but you can get more variety of pastel colors in the Zebra MidLiner Pens.

These Crayola Super Tips pens are my absolute favorite assets for bullet journaling! This set has 100 pens so you’ll all the shades you need to create perfect bullet journal spreads! These are washable markers making them perfect for both adults and kids!

These pens have no problems of ghosting or bleeding. These Ecoline Brush Pen Set of 10 (Skin Colors) are perfect for everything from coloring digital designs to sketching on the go! If you are looking for more shades then check these Royal Talens Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Brush Pen, Set of 30 Colors.

Also, here are some other bullet journal supplies:

  1. I use this ✅Dotted Grid JournalYou can get this hard cover bullet journal at a very inexpensive price on Amazon. The journal is exclusively designed for bullet journaling and the dotted pages makes the designing and drawing very easy! It doesn’t bleed and you get a good size hard cover journal. Also, you can use this ✅Essentials Dot Matrix Journal, which comes in two sizes A5 size and A4 size. Although it bleeds, it can be perfect if you’re not into designing or using a lot of color markers. Also, I personally love this Watercolor Sunset Dot Matrix Notebook – It has a beautiful cover and I totally recommend it if you’re looking for something other than plain covered journal.
  2. I use this ✅Pigma Micron Black Pen for titles. They are expensive but you get a pack of 6 (for not more than $10), totally worth the price!! These pens come in different sizes. In bullet journaling, pens are used the most, so investing in good ones from the beginning is the best idea.
  3. What’s a journal without some decoration? I get these ✅Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens for decorating. I also love these pastel colorful markers.
  4. These ✅20 pieces stencil pack- which offers many creative options! Also, they can be easily cleaned, reused and of perfect size for your BuJo!
  5. I use this ✅metallic gold pen for some special decoration of cover pages. This pack comes with a silver and golden pen- totally worth it!
  6. Washi tape sets – they have varied options like glittergold foilautumn flower decorations. These are super cute and turns the whole bullet journal journey into a fun and creative process!


25 Stunning Fall Bullet Journal Ideas

Fall Bullet Journal Themes

September Bullet Journal – Back to School Bullet Journal Theme

bullet journal back to school


I think this back to school theme sums up how our September will look like! It’s time for all the books, coffee, pens and other essential college supplies to come out, they’ve rested long enough!

October Bullet Journal Cover Page– Halloween Theme

October bullet journal


Damn!! Look at this October bullet journal cover page. I love this spooky tree drawing, it’s neat and drawn to perfection. Give your bullet journal this haunting look with this cover page!

November Bullet Journal Fall Spread- Coffee theme

November Bullet Journal


It’s always nice to enjoy the cold weather with a warm, cozy cup of hot coffee, with whipped cream. YUM!

So, when your days are filled with such savory, creamy and flavor-filled drinks, why not include it in your bullet journal? I really love the look of this coffee themed bullet journal cover page.

October Bullet Journal Cover Page – Ghosts and Pumpkin theme


This cover page is an obvious choice for October bullet journal – the Halloween theme!

Make your fall cover page spooky by adding some ghosts and pumpkins. Sprinkle some Halloween holiday spirit to your spreads with these Halloween Washi tapes and Halloween stickers from Amazon.

You can see my post on step by step fall doodles to learn how to draw those perfect pumpkins and ghosts!

September Bullet Journal Cover Page – Harry Potter themed

Harry Potter Themed Bullet Journal


‘You are a wizard harry’, these words still excite me! If you’re a Millennial, it’s likely harry potter was a huge part of your childhood. And for some reason, I always get nostalgic and September is another year at Hogwarts!

So, this harry potter themed bullet journal cover page is perfect for your September spread.

Fall Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads

Cute Autumn Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas

Fall Bullet Journal Ideas


I love how this monthly spread covers all the aspects of Fall season. Love the sweater detailing in this bullet journal monthly spread.

Halloween Theme October Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

Fall Bullet Journal Ideas


This monthly spread is GHOULS! This Halloween artwork throughout this October monthly spread with black cats is spooky, fun and ‘Halloweend’!

Harry Potter Themed Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

Harry Potter Themed Bullet Journal


This sorting hat theme for November monthly calendar is absolutely gorgeous. I feel like drawing harry potter themed spreads throughout the year, haha!

November Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

Fall Bullet Journal Ideas


Okay, this is my personal favorite monthly bullet journal spread. It’s so gorgeous and the lettering in it is beautiful. This jar theme monthly spread for November seems magical to me, you can re-create this to make your fall magical & glowing!

Fall Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Pumpkin Theme October Weekly Spread

Fall Bullet Journal Ideas


Look at those pumpkin faces, these seem to fun to draw. Not only the design of the weekly bullet journal spread but also the lettering gives this weekly spread a perfect Halloween look.

Harry Potter Themed Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

harry potter themed bullet journal


I’m super PUMPED up for this harry potter themed weekly spread. The design and lettering is on point! The colors give it a perfect magical look, absolutely adore it!

Fall Leaves Theme Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

fall bullet journal


This weekly spread is fall classic. I like the detailing and water coloring of leaves. The colors go so well together, love it. I’ll definitely make it in my bullet journal. Let’s see how it turns out!

Fall Habit & Mood Trackers

Cozy November Habit & Mood Tracker Spread

fall bullet journal


Do you want to do something this fall? A new habit which you wanted to incorporate in your life, then try this habit and mood tracker for your bullet journal spread.

This cozy theme for a habit tracker and mood tracker is perfect for this fall/autumn season. I love how depending on the mood this will have different combinations of fall colors and gives all fall vibes!

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Harry Potter Themed Mood Tracker

harry potter themed bullet journal


September is magical – one more magical year in Hogwarts! So, that makes fall/autumn the perfect season for your harry potter themed bullet journal spread. Look at this magical potions mood tracker, that’ll look so awesome after it’s filled with colors.

If you want to more inspiration into Harry Potter themed bullet journal spreads, check out my post on 19 Magical Harry Potter Bullet Journal Spreads.

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Quotes for your Journals

Fall/Autumn Bullet Journal Quote Page Ideas

fall bullet journal


This is a beautiful Autumn quote. I love how the artist turned has drawn these beautiful fall leaves. The colors and blending of leaves is awesome and that takes a lot of practice to do.

You can learn to draw these fall leaves here.

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Autumn Bullet Journal Quote Page Ideas

bullet journal quote page


“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go”. Isn’t that a beautiful quote. Quotes motivate us, inspire us and sometimes makes us aware of the beauty of things!

Add this quote page to your bullet journal spread and enjoy the season.

Perfect Fall Bullet Journal Quote Page

bullet journal quote page


Beautiful Bullet Journal Quotes

fall bullet journal


Same quote but I love how she has decorated the quote page with fall leaves. She has used Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Quote Page

thanksgiving bullet journal quote


Fall season isn’t complete without celebrating Thanksgiving! To create your perfect Thanksgiving quote, you can add doodles like leaf doodles here or try different patterns.

Choose various colors to create a more interesting design. Look how beautiful this quote page is! To re-create this spread you can use Zebra Mildliner Pens and Tombow Dual Brush Pens (Perfect Blends, 20-Pack).

Music Playlist Ideas

Autumn Music Playlist Bullet Journal Ideas

autumn playlist


If you haven’t started a playlist bullet journal spread, then you’re missing on fun. Adding a music/playlist tracker is an amazing way to uplift the look of your BuJo.

Here are 34 Playlist Tracker Ideas For Your Bullet journal to track your music. You can add a music bullet journal tracker to track your favorite songs, plan for a special event or occasion like autumn special playlist.

October Music Playlist Spread

fall bullet journal


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Bullet Journal Fall Doodles

Halloween Doodles For October Bullet Journal

Halloween doodles


Doodling is a fun exercise that helps to focus, relieves stress and improves your productivity.

My autumn pages will includes doodles of pumpkin, leaves, campfire, black coat, black cat, oak leafs, hats, pumpkin pie, marshmallow, apples, coffee and spooky Halloween doodles. There are many fall doodles which you can draw in your bullet journal.

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Fall Bucket List Ideas

Autumn Bucket List Ideas Bullet Journal Spread

fall bullet journal


Fall is the season that has lots of events like Halloween, Thanksgiving, there’s apple picking, go trick or treating etc. In order to have a joyous autumn, make a bucket list in your bullet journal to make the most of your autumn/fall days.

You can use these Zebra Mildliner highlighter pen set and Crayola Super Tips Marker Set (100 Washable Markers). Totally affordable and highly recommend these!

Fall Bucket List Ideas

fall bucket list ideas


Stop dreaming about your bucket list and start living it– Annette White

I love this fall bucket list – hiking (comes at the top of my list). What’s on your bucket list for this fall/autumn?

Fun-filled Fall Bucket List

fall bucket list ideas


Start planning your bucket list for this fall using this spread. Kate has made it so neat and clean. Also, once you complete each activity you can check in the box. (that gives me such a good feeling!)

Bullet Journal Supplies To Create Fall Doodles: All these supplies are easily available on amazon and you get a free shipping here.

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