7 Reasons To Travel Solo in Your 20’s

Reasons to travel solo in 20s

Your twenties are a time of experimentation’s, explorations, parties and freedom! Also, they are stressful as there so much to figure out. This post is all about 7 reasons you should travel solo in your 20’s.

The choices you make in your 20’s have a huge impact on your life. This is the age to burst out of your cocoon and go out to explore yourself. So, what’s better than traveling far and as widely as possible because “experience” is far more valuable than money will ever be.

Traveling solo can be fun and should be your top priority as it teaches you many skills when compared to traveling in groups. Here are some reasons to travel solo in your twenties:

                                   Meet Locals & Make New Friends

When you travel solo, you have no choice but to make new friends. When you’re out to explore, you live at hotels, go to random cafe’s, pubs and so you get to meet people from various walks of life.

This is the exciting part of traveling solo in your 20’s – You get to widen your social network (end up having friend’s in different parts of world, that’s so COOOOL!! :D)

                                            Unlimited Freedom

In your 20’s, you’re not tied down as you don’t have responsibilities of family or settled in some long term career. There are minimal commitments, so now is the chance to travel and explore.

It is the age you’re blessed with unlimited freedom and ultimate flexibility. Also, when you travel solo you have no obligation to anyone but yourself. You decide when to wake up, where to go, what to see, what to eat, etc etc.

                                            Develop Social Skills

As you meet new people while traveling, you obviously interact with them. This exposure to different backgrounds often sparks interesting conversations. You become a better listener and a good communicator.

The “People Skills” which are often required by companies are developed due to traveling.

                                            Self Development

The best way to stimulate self growth is to challenge yourself. Often in life, we tend to adapt ourselves to please others and it becomes hard to keep in touch with who you really are.

Traveling will make you aware of yourself. It will broaden your mind and teach you valuable life lessons which you wouldn’t learn by sitting on your couch!

                                        Learn Budgeting Skills

When you travel, you have no choice but learn how to stick to a budget. Budgeting will help you limit your expenses so that you don’t end up spending more than you should, while still letting you have all the fun.

These budgeting skills will be helpful in your daily life. This simple habit will go long way in maintaining your finances.

                                         Flexibility & Adaptability

While traveling you learn “how to go with the flow”. You start accepting more than one possibility. What you had planned or expected is not the reality of the situation. This is true both in life and while traveling, we plan but things don’t happen and we should always remember to go with the flow!

Traveling solo has taught me I’m much more of a flexible person than I thought to be!!

                                        Develop Self-Confidence

Solo travel boosts your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. Life is stressful many times and we feel put down in some instances. Traveling to an unknown place can be frightening. A new destination with different cultures, new system; this forces us to face the fear. You learn to come out of your comfort zone and build confidence.

To sum up, traveling solo offers you some valuable life lessons in your 20’s which can have profound effect on your life. You’ll never be afraid of new situations or problems that come your way, instead tackle them with confidence! 🙂

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