30 At Home Date Ideas For Couples During Quarantine

Due to Covid-19, many couples are stuck at home. While quarantine and social distancing are the need of the hour, being locked in the house seems quite annoying.

Although it is a privilege to have someone you love with you in the house but that constant contact comes with various challenges. Since there is no escape to work, to the gym or hanging out with friends, many couples are losing their minds.

I know this change is new and something which we are not accustomed to! But use this time to try some innovative and creative ways to keep the spark alive. So here I put a list of 30 at home date ideas for couples (that are budget-friendly).


  1. Watch a Movie (Documentary/Horror/Romance) : This is the basic thing which you can do with anyone and why not? It’s so much fun to escape our reality and get into another world. Signup for amazon prime free trials for 30 days and watch unlimited movies and TV shows.
  1. Have a Game Night: There are tons of games for couples like : OUR MOMENTS (Couples Edition), ARTAGIA Fun and Romantic Game for Couples, TableTopics Original, The Discovery Game.
  1. Stargaze in your Backyard: Set up some blankets and do some decorations to set the mood. Also, bring some food and enjoy stargazing from your backyard.
  1. Cook Lunch / Dinner together: Try some new recipe’s, after all cooking is always exciting.
  1. Try a new smoothie/ dessert/ cake recipe
  1. Play Video Games together
  1. Arrange a Karaoke Night
  1. Read a Book Aloud: Here are 6 Books To Keep Yourself Sane and Improve Your Mental Health in this Quarantine.
Ideas For Couples During Quarantine
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  1. Paint Together: Try this Art Alternatives Johanna Basford Secret Garden Coloring Canvas– It’s so much fun, relaxing and a stress-buster. It already has an original design and once completed can be hanged anywhere. Alternatively, you can buy PHOENIX Pre Stretched Canvas for Painting-pack of 10 and Paint Set.
  1. Go for a walk around the house
  1. Have a At Home Spa Day: Try a Face mask together.
  1. Play Drinking Games with Friends Online
  1. Make Tik Tok Videos: It’s quite a trend these day, so have some fun!
  1. Play Boyfriend does my makeup/hair
  1. Build a Blanket Fort and get cozy
  1. Play a drinking game
  1. Try Adult Coloring game: Check this one!
  1. Sing a Duet and Have Fun
  1. Organize your house: So much free time, why not organize and re-decorate your house.
  1. Do home improvement projects
  1. Play the newly wed game
  1. Try Acro Yoga (Done by couples)
  1. Play some sports: Play with a frisbee in your backyard or maybe some other sport and get some fresh air.
  1. Create a bucket list of places you want to visit together after this whole quarantine time.
  1. Learn a New Language
  1. Learn some new skills: Take online classes and learn a skill together. Discuss and teach each other.
  1. Organize a day picnic: Prepare some food, dress up and enjoy the sun, fresh air.
  1. Listen/Dance to music: When you’re too lazy to get up and do something, listen to some soothing music or have a dance party
  1. Play an old instrument: Maybe you have been busy and couldn’t play and that instrument is lying somewhere in the corner of the house. Play it and have fun.
  1. Enjoy a Candle-lit Dinner: Play some soothing, romantic music and talk. Just talk, eat and enjoy the vibe!

I hope you find these ideas useful. Have fun and let me know which ones you’ve tried.

30 at home date night ideas


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