15 Things To Do For Your Mental Health During Self Quarantine

Quarantine can affect your mental health negatively, resulting in confusion, anger and post-traumatic stress.

So doing certain activities during self-quarantine can keep you busy and sane during the this coronavirus pandemic.

Everywhere around the world coronavirus or covid-19 has caused all of us to stay indoors.

Social distancing and isolation is advised to everyone across the globe. But, IS IT EASY? For people like me who just can’t stay at home, it’s quite difficult. I really go crazy and it affects my mental health.

So, I have found activities that are beneficial and keeps my mind stable. There are many interesting activities to keep yourself busy and make the most of your time. You can develop the skills you wanted to gain or finish that book you wanted to read !

Fun, Productive Activities to do During Self-Quarantine

1. Do Yoga:

15 things to do for your mental health in self quarantine

Yes, Yoga for removing stress ! Furthermore, Yoga is the best tool to calm your mind. Yoga retrains your mind to think positively. Click here for 15 Awesome Yoga Poses or Asanas for Beginners. Try them out and experience the effects!

2. Get Outside:

I know we can’t go around the city but if you have a yard, why not spend some time there- walking or gardening or cleaning it?

I spend some time on my terrace, listen to music, walk, get some fresh air and then come back to my room.

It’s really helping me in calming myself. Try it yourself!

3. Journal:

15 things to do for your mental health in self quarantine

This is my absolute favorite activity. I throw all my thoughts on the paper, its so therapeutic especially when you can’t meet anyone in person.

So, whatever thoughts you have in your mind, take a journal and put them in it !

4. Try a At Home-Spa Day:

The best time you can do a Home-spa day will be during quarantine. As our life is always busy doing something or the other, I think we should make the most of this “Free Time”.

Run a bath, make a DIY hair mask, do your nails and RELAX!!

5. Play Music:

You know many people are singing while living in quarantine as it improves one’s mental health. If you can’t sing, then listen to some music or dance! These times are so stressful and boring so dance your way out 🙂

6. Read:

15 things to do for your mental health in self quarantine

I have been doing this lately. I have this bad habit of buying books and putting them aside thinking “I will read it when I have time”.

And now, you’ve got so much time. Well, use it to read those books !

7. Deep Clean Your House:

15 things to do for your mental health in self quarantine

We all dream of a clean house – but who actually dreams of cleaning?

So, Stop Dreaming and Act Now. This will keep you busy, productive and at the end of the day you will feel accomplished !

8. Start a Blog:

How to start a blog and make money in 2019

This is such a perfect timing, if you wanted to start a Blog.

Blogging is the most productive activity and you can make money in the future.

Click here to know How to Start A Blog in 15 minutes.

9. FaceTime Friends and Family:

15 things to do for your mental health in self quarantine

Social distancing, right? Technology to the rescue. Talking to friends and family can be therapeutic and lift your spirits.

For the past 2 days, I have been doing this and believe me it works wonders! You get to know you’re not alone in this and also feel the emotional support in this difficult time.

10. Cook:

15 things to do for your mental health in self quarantine

Now that the cities are on lock down, restaurants, fast-food center’s are all closed.

So, why not learn a new dish, experiment with a recipe and make your own meals.

11. Learn a Language:

15 things to do for your mental health in self quarantine

Without a doubt, this precious time can be used to develop some new skills. Learning a new language can be fun.

12. Family Time:

15 things to do for your mental health in self quarantine

If you live with your family, then this quarantine can give you so many memories.

Our days are usually so busy that we sometimes forget to have ‘the simple conversations’ with our loved ones. Your interaction with them is where the real progress happens. So use this quarantine time to talk to them and bond with them. Probably play with them (board games such as Jenga, UNO).

13. Paint:

15 things to do for your mental health in self quarantine

I did this today with my brother. We pulled out some paint and made a puffle for him. He cuts and I painted it, we really enjoyed the process.

“Don’t think about making some masterpiece,just go with the flow and enjoy the process”

14. Sleep:

Aim to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep which can make your body stronger and help you fight any infectious diseases.

15. Complete a Puzzle:

Take a puzzle, bigger the better! Take a Rubik’s cube or solve a crossword puzzle.

I’m learning to solve a 2×2 Rubik’s cube since past week and have learnt a lot and it’s fun. Try it! 🙂

My List of Essentials for Quarantine:

 Here’s my list of essentials for fun to have an enjoyable time while in self quarantine:

  1. Kindle and books such as How to Win Friends & Influence People or The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
  2. Paints
  3. Coloring books
  4. 550 pieces veggies Puzzle
  5. Journals
  6. Yoga mats

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