10 Effective Work from Home Tips You Need to Be Productive

Work from home tips to be productive

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, many people have started working from home. Although once considered a luxury it has become a norm across the globe as companies make it compulsory for people to work from home.

Work from home is great as it saves your money and time on commute and also gives flexibility. Also, employers save on establishments costs.

But, it becomes problematic and hamper your productivity if it’s not well-managed. At home, you can become your own enemy. As nobody watches over you, so you might not feel the same pressure to get work done. Also, it becomes lonely for people who are not used to working at home or aren’t organized enough to overcome distractions and procrastination.

So, you need to put certain rules in place to ensure that you work effectively and productively. Here are some best tips to work from home.

10 Effective Work from Home Tips You Need to Be Productive

Make an “Office Space” at Home

This is the first step in your work from home journey. Create an office like atmosphere so you feel at work.

Do not work while sitting on the bed or on couch as your brain associates these places with leisure/rest time. You might feel sleepy/distracted ultimately losing your productiveness.

If you can’t dedicate an entire room, use the kitchen table/desks (don’t sit in front of television). Get some good chairs, desk and computer so you’re comfortable while working.

“Make it as your work place you go everyday only to work”

Set Work Hours

We know that working from home provides you the flexibility to set your own work hours. Make sure to give your undivided attention during these hours- assume that you’re surrounded by your boss, co-workers and you have to finish your tasks. Don’t get distracted by household chores.

Make a schedule around your peak productive periods (Like, some people are productive during mornings while some at evenings). So pick your timings, make a schedule and stick to it. Scheduling beforehand increases your performance and productivity.

During “work hours” all you do is Office/Business work.

Set Boundaries for Others at Home

Naturally at home, you’re not alone. You’re either surrounded by parents, siblings or room mates. They can make it difficult to work.Make sure they don’t disturb you in your work hours and respect your boundaries. It will help you to be focused!

Even though you’re at home, you still have to work.

Make a To-Do-list Everyday

As you won’t have a fuming boss, it can be quite a challenge to keep up with up with the tasks and deadlines.Use a To-Do-List to plan on which tasks to be completed in the following day.

Review them and make a list of priority tasks first followed by the rest “not so important” tasks. This segregation will help you to become efficient and save your time.

Take Breaks

While working from home, you may end up over-committing. So, take breaks for like 15 minutes after every 90 minutes of work.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling on social media, get up and move around the house. Get some fresh air or talk to your room mate/family. This helps you to recharge yourself and improves your creativity levels.

Working too much may kill your productivity. So, take fixed breaks.

Play Some Music

At home, we are usually distracted by noise coming from our house/outside. So, while working play some music that keeps you motivated. Listen to instrumental music rather than lyrics which will help to boost your productivity and keeps your brain calm.

Eat Healthy & Exercise Regularly

Healthy eating is directly linked to an active mind. So don’t munch on those unhealthy snacks. Instead before sitting for work, make some nutritional food at home.

Also, exercise regularly as it increases the secretions of endorphins which increase happiness & interest levels while affecting your productivity positively.

Dress For Work

The number one reason people love working from home is – They don’t have to worry about getting dressed up!

While it may seem pointless, but dressing up while working from home affects your attitude and the time you take to get things done. So dress up as clothing affects your personal performance.

Connect with People

Working from home can make you feel lonely. The lack of socializing have an adverse impact on the human brain. Make it a point to talk to your colleagues, team members or family everyday. You can use WhatsApp, FaceTime to talk to your friends, family or co-workers. Try to know how they’re doing, tell them about your work.

To sum up, don’t lose your human touch while working with machines.

Log-off on Your Scheduled Time

Everyday you should create your work hours and stick to them. Once done, log-off from your computer and don’t worry about work.

Working from home can sometimes cause to work too much, but this should be avoided.

Remember, work-life balance is important even if work from home!

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